To apply a screen protector easily:.

1. Clean the screen thoroughly to remove dust and fingerprints.
2. Peel off the protective layer from the screen protector.
3. Align the protector with the device’s screen, ensuring proper placement.
4. Gently press the center of the protector and allow it to adhere.
5. Smooth out any bubbles or imperfections using a soft cloth or card.

Perform these steps in a dust-free environment to achieve the best results.

If water is accidentally spilled on the screen protector after application, gently remove the protector, wipe both the screen and protector dry, and reapply it.

Ensure the screen is completely dry before reattaching the protector to prevent bubbles or adhesion issues.

“If bubbles are present under the new screen protector, carefully lift the edge of the protector using a piece of tape or the application tool. Smooth out the bubbles by gently pressing the protector onto the screen.”

Work from the center towards the edges to push out any trapped air. If bubbles persist, you may need to lift the protector slightly and reapply, making sure the screen and protector are clean and dry.

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