Furniture Assembly

Bringing Your Space to Life, One Screw at a Time!



Transform your space hassle-free with our expert furniture assembly service. From IKEA to custom pieces, our skilled team ensures efficient and precise assembly, saving you time and frustration. Sit back, relax, and let us handle the heavy lifting, so you can enjoy your new furniture worry-free.

Frequent Questions:

  • Q: How long does furniture assembly typically take?
  • A: The time required for assembly varies depending on the complexity of the furniture piece, your experience with assembly, and the number of people working on it. It can range from minutes for simple pieces to several hours for larger or more intricate items.
  • Q: What should I do if I encounter missing parts or damaged pieces during assembly?
  • A: Contact the manufacturer or retailer immediately to report missing parts or damaged pieces. They may be able to send you replacement parts or offer a solution.
  • Q: Can I disassemble the furniture later if I need to move or transport it?
  • A: In most cases, yes. Follow the disassembly instructions in reverse order to disassemble the furniture safely. Keep track of any small parts or hardware to avoid loss.

2 reviews for Furniture Assembly

  1. Emmette H. Richmond, VA

    Nice young man worked for 3 hours

  2. Theanae B. Chester, VA

    Professional, reliable, thorough!! Extremely happy with the service, price and professionalism. Would highly recommended!!

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