5 most common reasons why phone screens break are:

1. Drops and Impact:
Phones are often dropped, leading to cracked screens. Accidental impacts, even from short distances, can cause significant damage.

2. No Screen Protector:
Lack of a protective screen cover increases vulnerability to scratches, cracks, and shattering upon impact.

3. Low-Quality Screen Protectors:
Some users may opt for low-quality or improperly installed screen protectors, offering inadequate protection.

4. Pressure or Bending:
Applying excessive pressure or bending the phone, especially in pockets or bags, can lead to screen damage over time.

5. Manufacturing Defects:
Occasionally, manufacturing defects in the screen or phone structure can contribute to unexpected screen breakage.

When a phone screen breaks, several consequences may occur:

1. Display Malfunction:
The touch functionality and display may be compromised, making it challenging to use the device effectively.

2. Safety Concerns:
Broken glass poses a safety risk. Sharp edges can cause injuries, and exposure to elements may further damage internal components.

3. Limited Functionality:
Depending on the severity of the break, certain areas of the screen may become unresponsive, limiting access to apps and features.

4. Data Loss:
If the damage extends to the point of making the phone inoperable, accessing and retrieving data may become difficult or impossible.

5. Reduced Resale Value:
A broken screen significantly reduces the resale value of the phone, impacting its potential trade-in or resale value.

It’s advisable to seek professional repair services or consider replacement options based on the extent of the damage.

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